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Strecha - Feeling Of Cold (lyric)

This is English translantion of lyric Pocit zimy (Feeling Of Cold) of Slovak punk rock band Strecha (The Roof).

Original lyric of Strecha´s song Feeling Of Cold: http://www.frenky.sk/?c=12&id=182

First time playded and recorded in the year 1993, song is (one year) older. Music by Marián Kolozsy, lyric and translantion by Frenky (also vocal in comeback gig - august 2002, see photo).

Strecha website /new/: http://www.strecha.ori.sk

More info and links about Strecha and report from comeback gig are here: http://www.frenky.sk/?c=12&id=181

Photo: Stanka

Strecha: Feeling Of Cold

Everything is very bad
Everything trouble me
Everything is destroyed (cold)
I do not know what can I do for it

R: I must stop it
I really must stop it
I must repare it
I musn´t destroy myself

Nothing else enjoy me
I am feeling nothing too
I do else nothing with it
I am screaming: Help

R: I must...

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