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Frenky vs. Mothercare

Tento rozhovor s talianskou skupinou Mothercare vznikol prostredníctvom e-mailu. Zatiaľ je pripravená len táto jeho anglická verzia. Slovenská by mala čoskoro pribudnúť. Viac informácií o skupine (more info): www.mothercare.it. This is the interview (via e-mail) with the Italian „pain-core“ band Mothercare. Questions for Mothercare: Frenky Mothercare’s answers: Guillermo (screams).

Mothercare plays hard and speed extreme music, but in modern form, why are you play this style? Is it only your life-opinion or is it also for something else?

- We started 8 years ago playing hard rock and metal. We were listening to Deep Purple, Metallica, Pantera. We were tuned normally in C.
Year by year, our music tastes went changing and we started to listen to a lot of different genres: thrash metal, industrial, crossover, grind-core, noise, electronic music and so on. Today we play pain-core metal, we listen to Napalm Death, Slipknot, Meshuggah and we play downtuned. Pain-core is the best definition of our music: the idea is to focus on WHY the music comes out from us, instead of WHAT kind of music it is. It is definitely a consequence of the suffering, dissatisfaction, frustration we experience everyday in our lives, and THIS must be immediately clear.
We play this music because we feel it is the sole possible way to give us the strength to carry on. We simply have no choice.

Do you know some Slovak or Czech bands which do you like?

- I only know Krabathor, whose I heard 2 or 3 powerful songs some time ago. I love Milan Kundera and Bohumil Hrabal, even if they are not metal bands!

What about gigs? Did you play also somewhere out of Italy? And do you want to play at Central Europe? Is it real, possible?

- We never played outside Italy but we definitely want to. To watch our live performance is the best way to understand from where our music comes and, for ourselves, it is an essential mind-cleansing experience. If we could have 3,4 gigs in a row and a traveling expenses repayment we could seriously play in Czech Republic. I have also some friends there (in Brno), who probably could guest us in some way.
Anyway I will be there around February-March to play a chess tournament, so we could meet at least.

Your demoCD is successfull in specialization media /e. g. English magazine The Mix, Italian Metal Shock.../... What do you say about this fact?

- We think it’s great but we also have a strange feeling about it, because of the fact our “Fusoku no Kigen” demo-CD is already 2 years old. So we think: “If they liked so much this old stuff, what could they say about the new one?”. We are really anxious about recording the new songs and we will start (finally!) the 6th of October. We will lock ourselves in a studio for 10-15 days, isolated in the country, sleeping there and working day and night. New songs are really better than everything we did before and we want the new demo to be a really powerful work. It will be a huge toil but finally we will have these songs recorded; several labels are waiting to hear them and we feel really confident about them. The title will be “Instructions to breathe” and this is the tracklist (3 songs have Japanese lyrics):

Chissoku (Suffocation)
Erase me
Freedom Bondage
Senbyôshi (Death caused by war disease)
Mugon (Silence)

What do you thing about new electro-trends in music and about all today’s dance scene? (You in some songs use electro-effects, sequencers, etc.)

- We are open to the use of electronics but only in creative or experimental ways, not simply to render a song more “listenable” and commercial. Then, what we listen to are only certain clever productions as Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, Underworld or Faithless. Anyway, I don’t think electronics will never become a major feature in our music; first and foremost it is made of pain and sweat, e.g. human attributes.

Have you some friendly bands? With who do you want to play at concert, which groups are your favorite?

- There are some Italian bands with whom we feel close. Unfortunately, they are not so known (as us!): Infection Code, Addiction, Browbeat, Evil Whisper. We are also very close to Undertakers, a brutal-core band that played some times in Czech Republic, so maybe you know them: their singer is our band manager, through the Kick Promotion Agency. Favorite bands? Napalm Death, Slipknot, Tool, Neurosis, Korn, Meshuggah, Machine Head, System Of A Down and so on.

What do you mean about drugs - alcohol / marihuana / hard drugs?

- Two of us never drink or smoke, the others have had more or less hard experiences with drugs; personally, I like a lot alcohol and marihuana and I use them quite often, but at the moment my most heavy drugs are Mothercare and playing chess.

Foto (Photo): www.mothercare.it

Official site of Mothercare:

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